“Because of the beauty surrounding my studio, I am able to witness nature’s rhythms of life and be inspired moment to moment. Every curve and line in my artwork is an expression of the interactive dialogue I experience with nature.”  

Jay Stargaard


My practice is to create inspirational art with the process of TIG welding that reflects back a vision of ourselves as a part of the whole. To transform ordinary industrial materials with texture, reflection, form and color combinations that when observed it is curious because we are seeing metal being used in effortless unexpected ways. I want my art to arrest the observer with beauty and cause delight and curiosity about what they see. The essence of my art asks us to see or remember the beauty within ourselves first, then be inspired to forge responsible compassionate relationships with ourselves,  in our communities and with Nature. Inspiration finds its place in my medium as I push the boundaries of what is possible to do with metal, balancing the masculine and feminine qualities of the form. I consider my craft a modern form of alchemy, taking something ordinary and transforming it into something extraordinary. 

I have run a successful art business hand-crafting indoor and outdoor private commissions from San Francisco to New York, creating public art for Sacramento and Auburn, creating site specific commercial installations, exhibiting in galleries, performance art programs, showing at high-end art festivals and creating temporary art installations. Internationally, I have art in private collections in Australia, Canada, Denmark, England, Japan, Poland, and United States. I have been perfecting my craft over the past 15 years and I am proud to hold my work to the highest standard of quality. I have a strong work ethic individually and collaboratively, and a reputation for delivering within budget and on time.

I love what I do.

Jay Stargaard proudly creates at her studio in Weimar, California.